Orthodontic Treatment

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves procedures carried out by anchorage dentists to enhance the appearance of teeth, restore teeth back to their original positions and improve the functionality of crooked teeth. This treatment can be used to straighten teeth and shift teeth to a better position.

Professionals specializing in this field of medicine are called orthodontists.

What does the treatment involve?

Orthodontist use various methods, tools and equipment to straighten teeth and align them. The most common tool they used to align teeth that are protruding outside is a brace. You should keep in mind that whichever method is used for treatment is dependent on your specific problem. Some patients are instructed to wear headgear when going to bed. Others have to wear a brace before they sleep.

The length of the treatment period varies. Some patients have to see the doctor continuously for up to two years. In other words, the period of treatment depends on the condition being treated and the treatment plan the orthodontist chose to apply.

Who need orthodontic treatment?

So many people are not happy with the arrangement of their teeth. Some feel that their teeth are so clustered together. Others feel that their teeth are crooked. While a majority of others feel that their teeth do not meet correctly. All these complications cause discomfort and affect the self-esteem of the victims. It is true that misaligned teeth and abnormal development of the jaw greatly affect the shape of the face.

Cases of misaligned teeth and crooked teeth are very common globally. These problems are rampant in children between age 10 and 15. Everyone with these problems can seek orthodontic treatment. There is no age limit with this kind of treatment.

How is orthodontic treatment accessed?

In most cases orthodontists get their patients through referrals from other doctors. This does not mean that you cannot consult an orthodontist directly. F orthodontist treatment is recommended by your doctor, it is up to you to decide what to do. You can consult an orthodontist who works privately or those that are employed in public hospitals.

Treatment in public hospitals is free for children. However, the hospital has to establish if it is true that the child is in need of that treatment. The problem is, you may seek the treatment when there are a lot of people in the need of the same treatment. This would mean that you would have to wait behind a very long line to get a chance to access this treatment.

Keeping braces clean

A brace is an appliance put on teeth to align them. The mouth contains a lot of bacteria. These bacteria combine with food and other substances to form plaque. Plaque causes the tooth to decay. Braces complicate the process of brushing teeth. Plaque tends to form around the braces. It is important to also clean the brace to avoid tooth decay.