Dental Abscess

What is dental abscess?

Dental abscess refers to a condition characterized by the formation of pus around the teeth and gums. Dental abscess is caused by bacteria. The condition causes the victim throbbing pain. Dentists in Anchorage say that dental abscess in most cases begins in the form of cavity or any other kind of tooth infection. This condition is more rampant in people who do not observe oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene results in poor dental health.

Causes of dental abscess

Dental abscess is an infection. The infection is caused by the growth of bacteria from another infection of the tooth to the soft tissue and bone of the gum. When a tooth is infected, it should be treated. If left untreated it will result in dental abscess. Cavities in teeth form due to poor oral hygiene. Teeth ought to be brushed and flossed every day. If the cavity spreads and progresses it causes dental abscess which is very painful.

Symptoms of dental abscess

Pain is one of the symptoms of dental abscess. The condition is very painful. The faster a victim seeks medical attention the better. Some other symptoms include swelling and redness in the areas of the face and mouth. When the condition is advanced the patient will experience nausea, fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

There are also several signs that can indicate the possibility that someone has dental abscess. They include but are not limited to; gum inflammation, swelling in the mouth, cavities, and tenderness of the oral cavity, pus and difficulty in fully opening the mouth.

Complications that can arise from dental abscess

Abscess is caused by bacteria. If not treated the bacteria spreads to the gum then to the bones of the jaw. The infections will then spread to the cheeks, the throat and areas below the tongue. When all these tissues are inflamed at the same time, the pain is unbearable.

Dental abscess causes formation of pus. The pus will collect at the infected area. The area with the pus will continuously become painful until the area ruptures. The pus can drain on its own or removed surgically.

Dental abscess causes swelling. The swellings can develop in such a way that they block the path of breathing. This results in difficulty in breathing. This condition causes general body weakness.

Treatment of dental abscess

The first thing a dentist does when a patient visits with this condition is to deal with the pain. The dentist will administer strong painkillers to relieve the pain. In cases where the abscess breaks to release the pus, the mouth needs rinsing. Rinsing the mouth with hot water is recommended as it will not only clean the mouth but also encourage drainage.

The most important thing to know is that dental abscess will not heal by its own. You must see a doctor if you are a victim of this condition. The treatment involves draining the pus. It is also very important to treat the infected tooth or extract the infected tooth if it is necessary.